Does a Personalized Mousepad Really Make a Difference in Gaming?

The gaming mouse pad is a trending must-have item for gamers these days, and some even choose customized mousepads to add more flair to their gaming setup. 

However, the question is, does it really make a difference when playing games? The claims are mixed. Some say it adds aesthetic appeal and enthusiasm to their gaming experience, while others contend it is just a money grab.

Many people overlook mousepads when choosing hardware for gaming, but yes, a quality mouse pad can make all the difference. Even though mousepads aren't obvious PC accessories, they are worth the investment.

Strumace outlines a few known impacts in this article and explains how it works exactly. Read on!

Why Do We Need a Gaming Mousepad?

Over the years, mouse pads have evolved. Not only do they offer a reliable gaming surface, but they now come with many useful add-ons. We need them because they:

  • Provide hard surfaces for rubber ball mousepads to roll smoothly. 
  • Many gaming mouse pads now feature RGB lighting, increasing immersion. 
  • Many offer wireless charging for a gaming mouse. 
  • Make gaming more accurate with smooth gliding.

With all such amazing benefits, mousepads are still relevant and can leave you in awe of the experience.

What are the Benefits of Using a Mousepad for Gaming?

  • Large surface area 
  • Low-friction surface
  • Glowing logo in Dark
  • Multiple sizes to choose from 
  • Thinness 
  • Qi Wireless Charging 
  • Razer Chroma-enabled 
  • Personalized lighting

What Enhances Gaming Experience with Mousepads?

Using a gaming mouse pad, you can change the world into a gaming environment, making you better at certain aspects of the game.

For example, if you are primarily a sniper in video games like Call of Duty or Battlefield, you need a control mouse pad. See what they can do!

1. Texture of the Surface

Mousepads are no longer designed according to lasers but rather on how they interact with the feet of your mouse. 

Today's mousepads come in various styles, while most have a hard plastic coating allowing them to react faster and with greater accuracy, helping the user achieve the best gaming experience.

This led us to conclude that the most important aspect of a good gaming experience is the surface texture. Choosing the right surface texture for your needs depends largely on your tastes, but if you want a good gaming experience, you should select the hard texture surface.

3. Size

The concept of size is very simple in every aspect, including mousepads. However, the size of mousepads has increased steadily in recent years, from a standard size mat under the mouse only to a large mat covering nearly the entire desk surface; things have changed significantly. All of these changes enhance the gaming experience and improve accuracy.

Gaming trends have led to gamers buying mousepads covering their entire desk, turning it into a full-fledged mouse pad.

Although choosing a mousepad size depends on personal preference, having a large mousepad enhances your gaming experience.

4. Edges

Many people overlook this aspect, but it's worth considering, especially if you're interested in a competitive gaming experience like us. The edges of the mouse pad are usually designed with thick stitches, which give a stylish look and protect the mousepad from tearing into strings.

Edge strings can change the movement of the mouse or slow it down, which can be painful when playing games. 

The mousepad edges significantly affect the mouse's performance and the gaming experience. The edges of the mouse pad aren't optimized for mouse cables, so it's not worth the risk of loss.

Benefits of Using Gaming Mousepads

In the past couple of years, many people have realized that mouse pads were not so obsolete after all. We also discovered that mouse pads have some great benefits. Have a look!

1. Provide Support for Different Mouse Grips

Each person uses a mouse differently based on their preference for grips. You can choose from several grip styles. However, opting for a palm grip rather than a claw or fingernail grip will be a favor to you if you are up to using larger mousepads.

If you are moving the mouse around the full desktop area primarily with your arms, you can benefit from having a wider mousepad.

The extra space to put your arms on your workstation is better than being cramped. In addition to it, there is plenty of space to adjust from the mouse pad's edge without moving the mouse.

2. Easy Coverage for the Entire Desk Surface

Desks for gaming setups can be quite expensive, so placing a large mouse pad on it will save you bucks if you want to keep the surface protected. A normal gaming mousepad fits the length of your desktop, which means you can place your monitor or other devices anywhere and have plenty of space.

Gamers and streamers who have lots of goodies to put on their table will appreciate this as it also avoids annoying scratches on the desk surfaces. 

Plus, you can still have a good gaming experience if you're a rough gamer and need more space to move the mouse.

3. Better Sensitivity

If you play at a lower DPI, the mouse needs to move more on your desktop. A low DPI is essential to succeed in shooters and single-shrink-based games like Call of Duty. Therefore, you need a gaming mousepad to fully control what you do in your game. 

The highly sensitive surface of the mousepad lets the mouse move more smoothly and enables you to have an optimal gaming session. For this reason, gaming mousepads are designed to increase sensitivity for a better mouse click experience.

4. Make a Difference with a Quality Gaming Mousemat!

Over the years, mousepads have proven to be just as useful as decades ago. If you are just setting up your gaming rig, we highly recommend investing in the best mouse pad possible. You've already invested enough in other high-quality accessories, so why not get the Gaming Mouse Pad too? 

STRUMACE is a good place to begin searching for a mousepad that meets your needs and fits your style. We offer a variety of pre-made and customized gaming mouse pads.

Decide today; you'll thank yourself later.