Image Guidelines

Please follow our recommended guidelines below when submitting your design for the best results.

Although we use the highest quality material and printing processes, the clarity of your finished product is dependent on the quality of the image you provide to us. Low quality images will result in low quality results, so use the highest quality images wherever possible. We recommend following the guidelines when submitting an image.

We also ask you to be mindful of the edges on your uploaded image, avoiding any text, borders and focal points within 20mm of the edge of the image to prevent any cut off.


✔Use JPG or PNG formats. Try to use a minimum 1080p (Full HD) resolution, but always provide higher if possible.

✔Allow roughly 20mm tolerance on the edges of your image as the very edges of your image might not make it onto the finished product. We advise you to not use borders on your custom mousepad image. Your image will be converted into a CMYK colour space for the manufacturing process. This means that the colours may not be 100% identical to any RGB image you upload, but will be the nearest match.

✔Please also be aware that as we are printing ink onto a porous material some colours can vary in how they appear compared to a monitor or phone.

✔If you would like to edit your mousepad design in photoshop or alternatively a free online editing software called Photopea. PSD Templates are available to download for each size. The templates have a 20mm tolerance.

Small Custom Mousepad

Large Custom Mousepad

Extended Small Custom Mousepad

Extended Medium Custom Mousepad

Extended Large Custom Mousepad

Extended Max Custom Mousepad

Upload your finished design as a PNG or JPEG. Don't worry about fitting it in the mousepad configurator we will be provided with the original uploaded image to use.

✔Please read and follow our Terms and Conditions