Gamers can be hard to shop for when it comes to gifts. There are a bunch of options ranging from high-end gaming accessories to budget-friendly gift cards, cool gadgets, a novelty, or mouse pads. Nevertheless, it all depends on what kind of vibe your gamer has and what budget you have allocated.

If you have a gamer in your life (wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, brother, sister, or best friend), they'll love our list of the best gifts for gamers on a budget.


  • A Custom Gaming Mouse Pad
  • A Gift Card
  • A Video Game Console
  • Games
  • Gaming Accessories
  • Custom Computer Case
  • Blue Light Blocking Gaming Glasses

Let’s look a bit deep into how you can make these presents possible!


One of the best gift ideas for gamers who love to play video games on their computers is custom gaming mouse pads. They're designed to fit perfectly over computer keyboards, gaming desks, and under the mouse to control them.

A mouse pad with a custom design, such as a logo, text, or gaming visual, is a unique way to add personalization to the gaming setup. These custom mouse pads from Strumace will make a great gift for gamers who love to dress up their computer.

They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes to perfectly fit the desk space. Whether you pick a small one under the mouse or theextended long-sized ones intended to cover the entire desk, these personalized mouse pads are great to jazz up their game room.

Adding up more into personalization, you can choose from a large range of styles, materials, and stitching options to suit the needs and preferences of every gamer.

With such high-end customization, every keen gamer will love this idea of making their day.


What better present to give your gamer friends than a gift card for the game they love to play? 

A gift card for one of the big-name games can get a gamer excited for sure or even help them build up a gaming library. So, giving a one or two to your favorite game enthusiast will be a good bet.

Gamers have been known to have a very competitive nature when it comes to getting the equipment for their PC or consoles; gift cards can be the perfect solution to this problem. They're small, easy to use and store, and useful in any gaming situation.

So, whether you want to give a gift card to a gamer who wants to splurge on a new computer or console or a gamer who needs to buy a controller or headset, gift cards are a smart way to say, "I love you!"


One of the most popular gifts for gamers who have everything is a new gaming console, and there are plenty of reasons to consider buying this one.

If you're also a gamer, you better know that some of your favorite titles will run only on certain machines, which means that a new game machine can save you hundreds of dollars.

Some games offer downloadable content that can take hours to play or even weeks of gameplay. So, buying a console with unique features for gamers will likely save them time.

There are dozens of gaming console options available today, and if you are unsure which one to choose, try Xbox, PS4, Wii U, or PS3.


Gamers love games, and they also love gifts. So, why not combine the two into one awesome present?

It's a no-brainer to purchase an extra controller or video game console that can keep your gamer happy and entertained for hours on end. Opting for this idea, you essentially give the person an experience that he will treasure forever. It will be worth much more than the item itself.

To make your gift special, you can do a couple of things, Like:

  • Find out about your gamer's interests.
  • Find out what games they love playing the most.
  • If they are interested in video games, you can get a brand new gaming system for your gamer.

Gamers will love the experience of having the latest video games available to play. There is nothing better than receiving such a gift that will be used repeatedly; this will keep them happy and excited for weeks or months on end.


Gaming accessories offer plenty of benefits, and even some of them don't cost much money, so if you're looking to give a gift to a gamer who loves playing games but doesn't have money to spare, consider giving them a game accessory.

There are tons of gaming accessories in the market for every price point, ranging from $5 to $5,000, and can be purchased for just about any type of game.

Multiple types of accessories for video games include:

  • Controllers
  • Keyboards
  • Headsets
  • Joysticks

Buying them Special Cases that hold the device securely for games that don't require a controller is another good idea. You can also buy a gamer some other accessories, including memory cards, batteries, chargers, and speakers that come in handy during gameplay. For instance, they might use a headset for communication, a battery to keep their console powered, or a charger to ensure that the device stays charged.

Purchase these products for gamers at local electronics stores and big-box retailers, or you can also order them online.


When buying for your loved ones, it is important to find an item that will actually delight them. The idea of a custom computer case is something that is personal and thoughtful, as choosing a design that will fit their personality will be an ultimate goal.

Customized cases come in different styles, colors, and designs, so If your gamer is into fantasy games, you can pick up a computer case with the game logo and character.

Many people consider a customized computer case to be a very nice gift. Adding the names, dates, or quotes that mean a lot to them will make these cases highly customizable. You can even pick a style that matches the specific person’s personality or design a custom computer case with a special message inside.

This idea of gifting a custom computer case is perfect for any gamer who loves to take their computer apart.


One game-playing accessory that is gaining popularity is blue-light-blocking gaming glasses, and the reasons are quite evident. They block blue light emitted by computer screens and televisions while providing a high-quality viewing experience, especially to a serious gamer.

The gaming glasses are comfortable, stylish, and easy to use and are available in various colors and shapes to suit individual preferences. If you want your gamer to add some style to the way they play games, this is the accessory exactly to gift them.

As a gamer myself, I love this concept because I find that playing games can cause my eyes to burn. That's because it's hard to play games when they are lit up by bright lights, especially for people who work with computers all day.

Gamers who spend a lot of time on screens will benefit from these glasses as they will be able to stay focused on their task and reduce eye strain and headaches.

So, what could be better than prioritizing health and style combined?


Gamers love to play video games even though many spend hours playing on their systems. They know what they want but are not always willing to pay full price.

If you want to give someone a gift that they will truly appreciate, the gifts mentioned above will help you narrow down your choices for the perfect gift without getting overwhelmed.

These inexpensive gifts for gamers will help you stand out from the crowd and get noticed as the most creative, generous, and thoughtful gift-giver.

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