A pyramid made up of cool gaming mousepad designs. A pyramid stacked from cool mousepad designs each with their own stitching colour to match the mousemat

Personalized Gaming Mouse Pads

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A pile of XXXLarge mousepads with a wireframe mousepad design. Five different colour variations such as white, black, orange, purple and blue.
STS X Strumace

The build

The ultimate gaming pc build wireframe mousepad.
Five new mousepad designs for our psychedelic mousepad designs under the name delirious. Each design has a colourful LSD type designs with explosive aroma. Galaxy's, space and lalala land are some of the themes. You will even find a winnie the pooh design
The Delirious
Topographic gaming mousepads. Black topographic mousepad and white topographic mousepad with a topographic backround. Showcase for the new strumace topographic collection.
Black or white
Topographic mousepads
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Seven XXXL mousepads from the Strumace cloud collection. Inspired by the clouds and stars, the colours flow vibrantly. Sizes that are displayed consist of Small, Large, XLarge, XXLarge, 3XLarge and 4XLarge mousepad sizes.
Inspired by the clouds
Cloud collection
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Strumace, the leading mouse pad company, offers many premade designs (delirious, clouds, topographic, latest, white-out) to choose from. However, the main difference between us and our competitors is the room for 100% customization to give your gaming/ workplace desk a personalized groove. Choose from our collection of designs, or contact us if you want a customized mouse pad with your favorite game anime, your company logo, artwork, or anything else you'd like.

Our mouse mats are manufactured in the UK and shipped to top gaming communities, professional businesses for branding, and B2B businesses for bulk orders. We offer free shipping across UK mainland and Ireland orders!