Mousepad Giveaway!

Once in a lifetime Giveaway

A lifetime of free mousepads

How to enter

Want To win a free mousepad every year for the rest of your life worth up too £4000 no matter where you are in the world? First you need to order a mousepad from Strumace. (This will give you one entry)

To earn an extra entry into the giveaway. You will need to post your setup or shoutout our social media on 2 sites of your choice with #Strumace + follow our social media pages. Then you need to leave a review on our website. Now you have earned your second giveaway entry!

The Details

This giveaway will finish on December 25 2022. Anyone worldwide can enter and all costs including shipping and import duty will be paid by Strumace. The winner will be announced by Email and Social media so follow us to stay updated!

How will it work?

The winner of this giveaway will get one free mousepad of their choice ever year until they die. The winner we receive a golden mousepad card giving them the ability to order one free mousepad a year at any point during the year. No more than one mousepad can be redeemed a year.