Why should you clean your custom mousepad regularly?

When using a cloth mousepad whether it’s a custom gaming mousepad, mousepad, or a gaming mousepad fundamentally they are all the same however the quality will differ massively. Take this into consideration when deciding on what method you will be using to clean your custom mousepad.

However, if you have a Strumace custom gaming mousepad you’re in luck as all the listed mousepad cleaning methods will work without any problems but the same can’t be said for mousepad brands such as such Razer and SteelSeries. Common problems include fading, fraying of the edges (usually on mousepads that don't have stitching around the edges) and complete destruction of the mousepad that will only happen by using a washing machine on some brands.

How does a mousepad get dirty?

After roughly 6 months to 1 year of using a mousepad, it’s bound to be soiled with food and drinks, usually caused by eating and drinking at your desk. You might spill or get small crumbs without noticing, all these little molecules will be soiled in the microfibres of the mousepad. As for you gamers those late nights grinding out the next level in whatever game you’re playing. You might have to clean your custom mousepad every 3 months.

Another big cause is natural and unnatural grease on your hands. You might have greasy skin or even forget to wash hands after eating greasy food such as fish and chips. All of this without a doubt will contaminate your custom mousepad.

Now the biggest cause of getting your mousepad soiled with dirt which is unavoidable are dead skin cells and sweat. Everyone without a doubt leaves dead skins cells everywhere they go because our skin sheds without us realising. Yes, these cells are extremely tiny but the build up on a mousepad can be obvious.

As for the sweat, us gamers have all been in intense situations while playing a game and trust me your sweat glands are working through the roof to exhaust your body of those salty fluids, trust me this goes all over your mousepad. Now the same can also be said for your average Joe working at the office.

Why you should clean your mouse pad regularly

How to test how dirty your custom mousepad is?

So, whether it’s a custom mousepad or a normal mousepad the test is always the same, effective, and disgusting but it needs to be done otherwise you will never know the cause of your bad spell missing all those precision shots in Call of Duty.

Firstly, look for any obvious stains/water marks then find a coin or use your nail, now all you need to do is scrape the mousepad surface. If the mousepad changes shade, becomes lighter or leaves residue you have found the problem and now you need to deal with that problem. (Beware with a custom mousepad that has vibrant colours this might be harder to gauge.)

How to clean a mousepad?

To clean a mousepad, we will be using two different methods hand washing the mousepad and using a washing machine to clean the mousepad. Remember both methods work with all Strumace mousepads and sizes from Small to Extended Max mousepad and yes even our custom mousepads where you might have very detailed images printed on the mousepad.

Washing a mousepad by hand:

You will need:

Washing detergent or dish soap. (We recommend the washing detergent for the best outcome.) Clean sponge or any sort of soft scrub and towel.


Fill up your bathtub with 5cm of Lukewarm, be aware your hands will be in the water so be careful not to leave only the hot water running.Lay the mousepad in the bath and make sure it submerged in the water. Sprinkle your washing detergent over the whole mousepad but remember a little goes a long way. The same is to be said with the dish soap. Using the sponge or soft scrub of your choice, carefully agitate the washing detergent/dish soap. Remember to not forget the mousepad edges. After letting the mousepad sit for 1 hour, you want to give the mousepad another scrub until the mousepad is free from detergent and dish soap. Now take the mousepad out of the bath and dab it with a towel to get the mousepad as dry as possible before you leave it to dry. Make sure it’s not in direct contact with the sun as this can potentially ruin your mousepad.

If our steps where hard to follow please watch this video for clear and direct instructions.

Enjoy Your Clean Mousepad!

How to clean a mousepad

Washing the mousepad with a washing machine:

Remember washing your mousepad with a washing machine can cause damage depending on the brand. Proceed at your own risk!


Make sure your washing machine is empty, this is to prevent damage to the mousepad from zippers, buttons and discolouration from colour mixing.Place your mousepad in the washing machine and add somewashing detergent. Use a quarter of what you would normally use for a full wash.Set the temperature to low heat in the 30°C – 60°C range and set the timer for 60 minutes.When the wash is done remove the mousepad and dab with a towel until just damp. Then hang to dry out of direct sunlight and wait until completely dry.

Here is an example video to help you out.

Now enjoy your mousepad as if it was fresh out of the box!

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Washing a mousepad by washing machine.